New “Missing Middle” apartment project coming to Park Lake Highland

Plans are being submitted with the City of Orlando for a new 21-unit multifamily development in the Park Lake Highland neighborhood just north of downtown Orlando.

Interstruct Design + Build (Website), backed by West Jackson LLC, will be building the project on a 0.29-acre property located next to mid-century hotel-turned-art studios, Faith Arts Village (Facebook Website) at 735 Irma Avenue [GMap], and goes before the Municipal Planning Board this week.

Early estimates for the four-story project, quoted in this article by Orlando Business Journal‘s Jack Witthaus, are hovering around $4 million.

According to project paperwork, the design is based on a style made popular in the 1960’s in southern California known as “Dingbats” which were built in areas traditionally reserved for single-family homes, and were used to help increase the density of urban neighborhoods.

The term “missing middle housing” referred to in the headline, is used for a range of housing that features multiple units that don’t lose their compatibility with surrounding single-family homes nearby and are often cited as a way to help with the current housing crisis people are facing across the country.


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